Rucksack Venum "Challenger Xtreme" Backpack - Black/Grey

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More than an oversized backpack the Venum "Challenger Xtreme" is a fully convertible equipment... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rucksack Venum "Challenger Xtreme" Backpack - Black/Grey"

More than an oversized backpack the Venum "Challenger Xtreme" is a fully convertible equipment bag! Just open the duffle pleat and you can carry away all your gear, even your shinguards! Mesh panels have been added on it in order to provide a great ventilation keeping your gear fresh and far from the growth of odor-causing microbes.

The insulated side cooler pocket will keep your beverage fresh as a great reward after such efforts! Plus, tons of storage pockets each more useful than the others such as the upper micro-fleece pocket preventing from scratches on your mobile phone, the hidden MP3 player pocket to listen music with great serenity, or the front storage with laces system closure to keep your things in place.

The several tightening straps allow you to adjust your bag to its content and contribute to prevent it from moving.

Ergonomic padded back panels with air-mesh finishing have been placed to offer you the best comfort. In the same way, the adjustable shoulder straps benefit from a spreadable foam. Result: all the stress on your shoulders and your back is completely minimize.

Technical features:
- Water and hard resistant polyester fabric.
- Oversized zipped main compartment holds training gear and clothes.
- Duffle zip pleat: allow the bag to be converted from a backpack to a duffle bag very quick.
- Hidden MP3 player pocket with a headphones opening.
- Side storage pocket.
- Insulated side cooler pocket.
- Upper micro-fleece pocket preventing from scratches on your mobile phone.
- Front storage with laces system closure.
- Ergonomic padded with mesh panels.
- Adjustable shoulder straps with foam padding.
- Zip closures with Venum zip pullers.
- Size: 350 x 630 x 240mm to 350 x 880 x 240mm open.
- Volume: from 45 m3 / litres to 63 m3 / litres open.

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