Trainingstasche Venum "Sparring" Dark Camo

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The Venum Sparring bag was designed for athletes of all... mehr
Produktinformationen "Trainingstasche Venum "Sparring" Dark Camo"

The Venum Sparring bag was designed for athletes of all disciplines, wanting to have a spacious gym bag, that is both durable and stylish! 

Through its various practical storage spaces, this Venum bag is ideal to carry all of your equipment. 

Product Features:
- 100% Polyester.
- Large pocket able to receive shin guards and boxing gloves at the same time.
- Separate side pockets for easy storage and optimized.
- Handles and shoulder strap padded for comfort.
- Dimensions: 540 x 280 x 260 mm.
- Venum logo.

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