Fightshort Venum Speed Camo Urban

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With your very own Venum Speed Camo Urban Fight Shorts , you’ll be sure to look and feel... mehr
Produktinformationen "Fightshort Venum Speed Camo Urban"

With your very own Venum Speed Camo Urban Fight Shorts, you’ll be sure to look and feel like part of the Venum team at or gym or in the ring.

Equipped with a unique locking system on the belt, Venum Speed Camo Urban Fight Shorts the Speed ​​Grip ™ works best for quick and precise adjustment keeping your Fight Shorts in place during your training and fights.

A stretch "Flex -System" fabric placed in the crotch allows you to improve your mobility. The thigh side slits ensures flexibility and its reinforced stitching prevents it from tearing.

The Venum Speed Camo Urban Fight Shorts delivers a message full of pride and will exhibit your passion for combat sports.

Technical Features:

    • Microfiber fabric 100% high quality polyester: resistance.

    • Flex ™ -System placed in the crotch: increased mobility.

    • Side vents: improved flexibility.

    • Closing system Speed ​​Grip ™: quick and easy adjustment.

  • Grounds completely sublimated.
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