Fightshorts Venum "Amazonia 4.0" - Black

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ACHTUNG! RESTPOSTEN! The Venum "Amazonia" fighthsorts range started a fighting revolution,... mehr
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The Venum "Amazonia" fighthsorts range started a fighting revolution, here is its evolution, better and stronger. Here is the Venum "Amazonia 4.0" fighshorts edition.

Featuring a brand new innovative design that combines mesh and anatomical cut. The "Amazonia 4.0" fighshorts provides the perfect thermo-regulation and allows unparalleled mobility. The result is an extreme comfort without restriction during the fight.

Its benefits from the new Vault™ closure system with a 3-way velcro for a perfect hold of your fightshorts.Thanks to its specific flap construction, you will never be bothered by the scratch again, in all fighting positions.

Inspired by the amazonian wild creatures, as black caiman, jaguar, or anaconda, these fightshorts is built for the ultimate predator: you.

Technical features:
- New V-Shape™ Mesh Cut.
- New Vault™ 3-Way innovative closure system for a perfect hold.
- Speed Grip™ for an easier and faster adjustment of your fightshorts.
- Pro-engineering Flex-System placed at the crotch extending your range of moves.
- Sublimated hard-wearing microfiber: enhances the durability of your fighshorts.

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