MMA/Krav Maga Handschuhe Venum Challenger

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If you want a good price-quality ratio with a distinctive style then you should go on our... mehr
Produktinformationen "MMA/Krav Maga Handschuhe Venum Challenger"

If you want a good price-quality ratio with a distinctive style then you should go on our "Challenger" MMA gloves!
Designed in Thailand, these durable PU leather MMA gloves are perfect both to train and fight.
The double-closure system can be easily attached and provides for a perfect fit and great comfort. Le wide leather closure minimize the risk of twisting of your wrist.
With their high density foam, they will offer you a wide protection. Each fingers - including the thumb - has a reinforcement giving you an optimal protection of your hand, even with the most powerful impacts.

Technical features:
- 4oz density.
- PU leather.
- High density thread for needle works.
- Layered foam for better protection and shock absorption.
- Top notch comfort feel.
- High wrist maintaining thanks to an adjustable strap.
- Exclusive Velcro strap system for hand pre-positioning.
- Skintex leather embossed tags.
- Designed in Thailand.

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